This work was made for Adelaide Damoah’s solo show “Genesis” in 2018. The show was supported by MTArt Agency, Ashby Capital, University College London, Parker Harris PR and Bloomsbury Festival.

[The artist Adelaide Damoah’s] visual artmaking contests the outdated idols and ideologies of colour, race, creed and gender imposed both on her – and on the Eurocentric and non-Eurocentric history of her family – by colonialism and neo-colonialism. Damoah revalues – and thereby unbinds herself from – these outdated idols and ideologies by using the Promethean fire of her mythopoetic thinking to magically produce artistic images that function as ‘crucibles’ in which she (al)chemically interweaves materialised memory-traces of her family in the past and the present.

Extract From Stephen Baycroft’s essay: Beginning a new life by revaluing idols and ideologies © 2018.