With these works, Damoah responds to a play called „Picasso‘s Women,“ a series of monologues from the perspective of the most important women in Picasso‘s life. Damoah responds intuitively using her body memory to create works that remember these women‘s stories.

Olga Khokhlova was Picasso‘s first wife who came from a Russian noble family and was a professional ballerina. The posture in the work “Olga” appears flamboyant and yet full of drama, darkness and sadness.

Marie-Therese became Picasso‘s lover when he was still married to Olga. Only 17 years old at the time, Marie-Therese is depicted in foetal position, trying to clutch on to a shadowy figure that fades into the background. Picasso never married Marie-Therese and left her when he moved on to his next relationship with artist Dora Maar.

Each work is acrylic ink, pigment and oil on 100 percent handmade recycled cotton rag paper.