On Thursday 13 August 2020, Boogie Wall Gallery presented a brand new performance by Adelaide Damoah called Revaluing The Self. This never before seen performance was produced by International Art Producer Halime Özdemir.  

Held on the occasion of the finissage for her solo exhibition “Reembodying the Real” this participatory performance activated recital “Revaluing the Self” embarked us on the artist’s personal journey inward, exploring the notions of the inner and outer apocalypse, as referenced by William Blake within his collection of Illuminated poems.

During the performance, the artist orchestrated the act of the libation- an act that is considered a form of prayer in Ghanaian tradition, to facilitate the connection with her ancestors in order to clear forward her path on to the next chapter, to create her new world.

Calling forth through recital, chanting and live action signature printing making; the artist lead us through a nonlinear journey through time, catapulting the audience into the vortex of the ethereal by way of a reflective, cathartic revaluing of self which will come to life by way of this Shamanic ritualistic experience; calling forth spectres from the past and future before plunging us back into our present realities.

Revaluing the Self is a performance that is spurred on by the artists personal, long and tortuous journey through the dark night of the soul; a culmination of which is the coming to a head of events that 2020, coupled with the rigorous study of the artists self-reflection and reexamination of her world, simultaneously making whatever changes necessary, as a tool for her own survival is the cornerstone to this performance.

Three unique pieces of art were created during the performance are be available to purchase, offered as sacred Suman; spiritual objects imbued with power in the moment of the performance. Now that they are activated, they will release their power for the people who own them.

With special thanks to film maker Jake Schuhle Lewis for this video.