I use my body to paint and perform…”

Adelaide Damoah is a British artist of Ghanaian descent whose earlier work combined African and Western influences while highlighting social issues.

After graduating with a degree in Applied Biology in 1999, Damoah went on to work in the pharmaceutical industry. During this time, she was diagnosed with endometriosis after many years of chronic pain. Her time spent convalescing allowed her to learn more about her passion for painting, while simultaneously, re-evaluating what was most important to her.

Damoah’s current practice involves using her body as a printing tool- using oil paint as a medium, adding images and text later in the creation of her work. Inspired by a desire to subvert Yves Klein’s “Anthropemetrie” series. Damoah engages in live performances of the first part of her creative process- body printing and writing.

Damoah cites her main influences as being Judy Chicago, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yves Klein, Sokari Douglas Camp, Rachel Ara and Ana Mendieta.


Damoah’s solo exhibitions to date also include This is Us, Supermodels, Black Lipstick, and a domestic violence exhibition for registered charity, the National Centre for Domestic Violence.

Adelaide Damoah interviews visual artists for her Youtube channel. The videos form a series called Art Discussion. First started in 2011 as blog interviews, the series seeks to discover how artists overcome their biggest challenges, achieve their biggest successes and aims to give advice to artists at the start of their careers.

Damoah is a founding member of the BBFA (Black British Female Artists Collective).