My previous work focused on specific social themes which were of interest to me. I like to work in series as I feel this allows me to tell the story of my chosen subject matter more completely. I have explored race, domestic violence, sexuality and relationships to date using primarily the figure and text.

More recently, I have been inspired by a combination of self discovery and interaction (including interviews for my Art Discussion series) with other contemporary artists, to explore beyond the traditional figure or portrait. To express myself using my body as a printing tool. To leave my physical mark, while simultaneously using automatic writing through and around the impressions left by my “self.”

The writing takes the form of streams of consciousness, interspersed with words and proverbs from the languages of my parents- both from Ghana. Ga, Twi and Fanti.

The main influences which have precipitated this evolution include David Hammons, Sokari Douglas Camp, Judy Chicago, Ana Mendieta, Yves Klein, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, but my biggest influence has always been Frida Kahlo.