Art Success: Adelaide Damoah in conversation with Rachel Ara.

Rachel Ara is a Conceptual and Data artist. She gained her BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London where she won the prestigious Burston award for painting. In 2016 she won the International Aesthetica art prize for her digital sculpture “This Much I’m Worth” . She currently lives and works in London.

She has had a successful 25 year career as computer systems designer and is also a trained cabinetmaker. In 2013 she started her professional art practice.

Rachel combines her manual skills with her programming and analytical ones to create nonconformist artworks with a socio-political edge that often incorporates humor and irony.

Her most recent work is a self-evaluating artwork using complex algorithms to calculate its own value. A four dimensional piece, constructed in neon, cathode tubes, sensors and circuit boards that communicate information back and forth to the Internet. Other recent works include CAD drawings inspired by scenes of gender based violence, D.O.A.M III shown at the Royal West Academy.

In the early stages of her career she has already been picked up for major art shows and has exhibited Internationally.

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Rachel Ara works at Second Floor Studios in Woolwich and is currently focusing on building a significant portfolio of work. You can visit her studio and see first hand her work in progress, as well as some of the work mentioned in this video, during the Open Studio event this year. The event runs from the 2nd to the 5th of June 2016 and all are welcome. Rachel’s studio is in Unit 5 and is studio number 105. Come and visit!

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I am an artist and I also have a studio at Second Floor. I make figuritive oil paintings and am currently exploring story telling using figures and text on the painting surface.

The Art Success series of interviews started off in 2011 with written interviews for my blog. I started this project because coming from a science/business background, I had to rethink what success looked like to me and wanted to figure out what it took to become that in this unique business. In talking to other artists in this way on camera, I hope to pass on useful information to other artists and art lovers. Fellow artists can watch and learn from their contemporaries and art lovers can discover new art. Of course, there is the added benefit of promoting my colleagues to new audiences.
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