Art Success: Adelaide Damoah in conversation with Laura Hudson

Laura Hudson. Artist, curator and filmmaker.

Born in Darlington County Durham; as a child Laura was moved around Northern England and lived in Yorkshire, Merseyside, Cheshire and Northumberland before settling in Scotland at the age of 13.

Hudson studied Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art 1983-84, Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art 1985-89, and post graduate film-making at St Martins School of Art 1991-92. Whilst still a student Hudson was a member of the Women in Profile collective and co-produced the HerTake International Women’s Film Festival and the Photoworks site-specific show for European City of Culture in 1990 Glasgow. In 1991 she was awarded a travel scholarship to study experimental film in Eastern Europe and her interest in film developed into a career curating and promoting artist film and political media. She was a founding member of the Exploding Cinema Collective in 1991, cinema programmer at the London Film Maker’s Co-op from 1992-1996, manager for Cinenova Feminist Film Distribution 1997-2000 and project manager for ArtsOnline at the Arts Council of England 2001-2003.

From 2004-2012 Hudson stepped away from the art world to work on the land in the remote mountains of the French Cévennes where she put into practice her concerns about food security and the commercial patenting of plant life by producing open pollinated seeds for edible plants see blog:

2012 saw a return to England and to her art practice, initially based in Devon before returning to London in 2016. Her early work spans light installation, film, interventions and site-specific works while in her more recent work she is exploring the interconnections between time-based media and the traditional fine arts. Visiting Artist 2015 and Tutor-Collaborative Practice 2016 at Plymouth College of Art, she now works at Second Floor Studios and Arts, Woolwich London.

Laura Hudson works at Second Floor Studios in Woolwich. You can visit her studio and see first hand her work in progress, as well as some of the work mentioned in this video, during the Open Studio event this year. The event runs from the 2nd to the 5th of June 2016 and all are welcome. Laura’s studio is on the top floor of the Telegraph building. Come and visit!

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About the interviewer: Adelaide Damoah

My name is Adelaide Damoah and I am an artist. I also have a studio at Second Floor in London. I make figurative oil paintings and am currently exploring story telling using figures with text on the painting surface.

The Art Success series of interviews started off in 2011 with written interviews for my blog. I started this project because coming from a science/business background, I had to rethink what success looked like to me and wanted to figure out what it took to become that in this unique business. In talking to other artists in this way on camera, I hope to pass on useful information to other artists and art lovers. Fellow artists can watch and learn from their contemporaries and art lovers can discover new artists and art. Of course, there is the added benefit of promoting my colleagues to new audiences.
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