This is Us…

Adelaide Damoah.

4th and 5th November 2015 12 till 7pm daily.

Preview: Tuesday 3rd November 6 -9pm

“This is Us,” explores the movement of two females in an emotionally intense dance, telling a passionate story of love and heartbreak. Damoah uses text directly on the work to explain the story of the models, as well as her personal stories about love.

Combined with text taken directly from various literary works, Damoah hopes to provoke discussion which is outside of the generally accepted “norm,” when it comes to female sexuality and identification.

With special thanks to models and professional dancers Rachel Sparks and Marie Eisenhardt who are featured in the work.

The music- which was the inspiration for the title of the show, and the dance itself, will be performed at the opening reception by Yvonne Mathieu.

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