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I say in my own words at the top of this blog that art is about life. My art is supposed to reflect my life. This blog is supposed to reflect my art, which reflects my life. Yet, I always struggle with revealing my life through text. I have no problem doing it through my art. I feel the need to today though. For some reason, I feel the need.

This week has been one of the hardest weeks of 2009 for me. Most people who follow my work are aware of my medical condition. I do not hide IT. I have spoken about IT openly on TV, in magazine interviews and on my website. My parents hate that I am so open about IT, but for some reason, I feel it is important to be open about something that affects the lives of so many women around the world. IT is also a part of me and the reason I came to art. Art saved my life really, I might have been suicidal without art in my life to distract me from IT. But then, IT brought me back to Art, so I should really be grateful to IT too.

This week, my pain started on Tuesday. It got progressively worse and worse, until by Wednesday, I could barely walk. The pain was centered in my lower abdomen and spread all around my back, my “underneath” and down my legs. I can not remember the pain well enough to describe it properly, but it was so bad that I could not hold any food down. Every time I tried to eat a small amount so that I could take my pain killers, there was a stream of lumpy watery projectile vomit that I could not control. By evening, I was so weak and cold and shaky, I had to call my out of hours doctors service. Luckily, my partner was able to get there in time to drive me to the hospital. I was mercifully given two injections in my fleshy posterior. An anti sickeness injection and an intramuscular painkiller.

Within an hour or so, the edge was taken off the pain slightly, mercifully, and I was able to sleep the whole night through, well until 4 am when I had to wake up and take more pain killers and anti sickness tablets.  Thank God, it is Friday now, and the pain killers have IT under control. I think I am through the worst of IT, and am back at my trusty baby lap top blogging and twittering away.

I wander what piece of art IT will inspire this time around?

Pleasure pain 2008 by me Adelaide Damoah

That is my reason for going quiet for a few days any way. I just felt the need to vent about IT as this time, IT was BAD. IT is a part of me, IT brought me to art and IT inspires and informs my art always, so it is only fair that I aknowledge IT. My friend, my foe, my muse. Sounds like a lover.



Pain 2002 by me Adelaide Damoah
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  1. Cinders
    Cinders says:

    Oh my word – sorry to hear about your week. But you being you, you have triumphed and managed to put a positive spin on IT.
    You being you, you have not let IT defiine you.
    You being you, you have let your Art define you.
    Never stop – it is your Art that is you, even if IT led you to this creative path.
    One of your biggest fans,
    ps – your writing ain’t bad, init?

  2. Edji
    Edji says:

    Oh my God I’m in tears n can’t stop crying I have been sick all this week too but I can’t even imagine what you have been going through. Every month I feel bad cos I know you are going to go through this shit and there is NOTHING I can do to help you! I wish you were close by so I can keep an eye on you and be there when you need me! Kiah n I pray for you every nite but it still frustrates me that you of all people have to suffer like this! No matter what I go thru and how ever much I go on about stuff I know that I can never be as strong as you are with having to deal with this on such a regular basis. I pray you keep strong and vent as you feel fit as u deserve to! You are a beautiful, intelligent woman with the strenght of a thousand men!! Your art is amazing and I’ve always loved it cos deep down ur physical pain somehow reflects my emotional pain! I love you girl and stay strong mentally. You will always be ab inspiration to mexxxxxxxxx

  3. adebanji
    adebanji says:

    May The Good Lord help you and see you through. It seems you have something similar to what my sister had. She says it’s like having labour! I feel for you and would keep you up in my little prayers.

  4. Adelaide Damoah
    Adelaide Damoah says:

    Just read this again. Our Yej! Reading your comment again made me cry as much as it did the first time. Cinders! your writing aint bad either luv! I am blessed to have such great friends :)Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!

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