OK, so one of my artist friends on twitter(the very talented Jason Barre feel free to follow for interesting tweets and a cool blog) has somehow convinced me to join in with #draw 365…
#Draw365 is a tag that makes it easy to find on twitter – any artist can join in. There are no rules that I know of except that you must do at least one drawing/sketch every day for 365 days.
I started messing around with it last week, but I officially started my #draw365 sketch book on 28th November 2009. I am loving it!
I feel like I have gone back to the good old days when I would do random crazy sketches of whatever came to my head for no particular reason. No specefic theme or topic. No painting or colouring unless I feel like it. Just the joy of random sketching, sometimes writing too… Automatic drawing. Whatever comes to mind. Just because. So liberating.
I will be posting to twitter every day via twitpic, so follow me for daily updates…Should have a huge collection after 365 days, I am not restricting myself to one a day.
Let me know what you think!
#Draw365 Sketch number 6 by Me! Adelaide Damoah

#draw365 number 6 on Twitpic
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