I was inspired to write this by the Style vs Gimmick post on the Art Biz blog… It is a very interesting question that provoked lots of interesting responses. So here is my contribution, let me know what you think…

From the point of view of art work/artists: When an artist produces work specifically to self promote or sell and not from a place of authenticity, that could be seen as gimmicky… Thats my opinion…

I have been accused of being gimmicky as I tend to work in series. My first being “Black Brits”- was about British icons and how the color of their skin affected the way they were perceived by the public, it was about identity. It was labeled a gimmick by some media outlets, but that was because they did not get the point.

However it is perceived, as long as you are being true to yourself as an artist and you are producing quality work, who really cares?

So what do you think?

When does personal style turn to gimmick?



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  1. Peggy Guichu
    Peggy Guichu says:

    Your article is very close to my heart. I always say I must to be authentic. I am often challenged by those that have chosen to be commercial for obvious reasons. They are financially successful, where I am not and would like to be, but, I am spiritually successful for me. Gimmick’s don’t grow and are short lived. Authentic style is impossible to copy.

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