Recently, I have been inspired by a combination of self discovery and interaction with colleagues, to explore beyond the traditional figure or portrait. To express myself using my body as a printing tool. To leave my physical mark, while simultaneously using automatic writing through and around the impressions left by my “self.”

The writing takes the form of streams of consciousness and happenings, interspersed with words and proverbs from the languages of my parents- both from Ghana. Ga, Twi and Fanti. This is an ongoing labour of love called “This is Me…”

These works are the first phase of the series. The starting point was to print my body onto canvas, wood and paper. The most obvious reference here is Yves Klein, however, he used and directed the bodies of women to make his marks. I am using my own body and as such, am claiming a certain agency and control over how my image is presented. The women Klein used had no such control. Other artistic references include more contemporary artists David Hammons, Judy Chicago and Ana Mendieta.

Body printing is just one layer of this work. The subject matter I am exploring is both personal and impersonal. It is about the notion of diaspora, migration, belonging and memory.

This is a small selection of the work completed for this series. I will publish the full image of each of the paintings once more are complete and have been exhibited publicly. In the mean time, if you are a dealer, curator or collector and are interested in viewing the collection at this stage, please get in touch using the contact form.