Adelaide Damoah Artist CV



2018: Novo Foundation. From Violence to a Place of Power. A Donor + Funder Movement Building to End Sexual Violence. Group show, London.

2018: Platform Southwark. After Cesaire/Modern Tropiques. Group show. London.

2018: Bonhams. “We Face Forward!” Group show. London.

2018: Little Africa Des Gosses. Marrakesh Off the Tracks. Residency/Group show. Morocco.

2017: Gallery of Small Things ( Bisi Silva). ACDF Festival, Lagos, Nigeria.

2017: “Article 10.” Amnesty International. Group show. London.

2017: Latham and Watkins. “Sankofa.” BBA (Black British Art) group show + panellist. London.

2017: UNFOLD. Group show. London.

2017: “Dispersed.” BBFA Collective + 3 Ghana artists. Nubuke Foundation (+Chale Wote), Ghana.

2017: “A Seat at the Table” Group show. 198 Gallery, London.

2016: “Untitled.” Group show + panellist with BBA (Black British Art). Latham Watkins LLP. London.

2016: UK Youth Charity auction. Group show. Canary Wharf, London.

2015: TEDx Euston. Vision to Reality. BBFA group show. London.

2015: This is Us. Solo show. Camden Image Gallery, London

2015: AACDD Festival, BBFA Group show. Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower, London.

2011: Work on permanent display at Hotel Locanda, Venice, Italy

2009: Solo show Soho, National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) Mayfair, London.

2009: Group show Opera Gallery Budapest Hungary.

2009: Group show. Screen Nation Awards Bafta, Piccadilly, London.

2008: Solo show “Supermodels” Nolia’s Gallery Southwark London.

2008: Solo show. “Black Lipstick” Clapham London.

2008: Solo show. “Black Lipstick” Bernie Grant Art centre London.

2007: Group show. I2U gallery Ladbrook Grove London.

2006: Group show Francophone Space African Arts Portsmouth UK.

2006: Solo show “Black Brits” Islington UK.

2005: Group show Buffalo film festival Clapham UK.


2018: Adidas “Calling all Creators” performance Portland Oregon.

2017: “This is Me: The Inconsistency of the Self” UNFOLD. 3rd and 4th October.

2017: Mami Wata joint performance with Samira Saidi. Dispersed group show, Nubuke Foundation Ghana.

2013: Damoah and Summers live painting performance Vibe Gallery, London.

Selected Talks

2017: GAFRA, London. Interview host- Art Discussion with Dagmar Van Weegle & Rewa.

2017: Syracuse University, London. Guest lecturer. Non verbal communication- “This is Me.”

2017: Nubuke Foundation, Ghana. Chair person “ Is there such a thing as a women’s perspective in art or is art just art?”

2017: British Library Caribbean In/Securities and Creativity: Diasporic Dialogues. In partnership with Goldsmith’s University. Panellist. Subject: ‘The Value of Black British Female Artists in Western Art.’

2017: Gallery of African Art, Mayfair. Art Discussion Interview host for Marie Genevieve Morin.


  • 1995 – 1999 KINGSTON UNIVERSITY BSc (Hons) Applied Biology 2.1

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