Evans Mbugua in Style Fusion at Gallery of African Art, Mayfair: Adelaide Damoah Art Exhibition Vlog



8 – 24 SEPTEMBER 2016

Style Fusion is an exhibition of works by the Nigerian photographer Ade ‘Àsìkò’ Okelarin and the up-and-coming Kenyan artist-designer Evans Mbugua.


Gallery of African Art
45 Albemarle Street,
London W1S 4JL.

Tel: +44(0)207 287 7400
Enquiries: info@gafraart.com

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 11am-5pm


About Evans Mbugua:


Evans Mbugua (n. 1979 Nairobi)

It starts with registration in a French learning program at the University of Toulouse. During his years of learning the language, he does not drop his pencils, he worked incessantly, his goal is the Fine Arts. This is the Fine Arts in Pau that integrates and it is in the Design section that performs its infancy. Patrice Chaminade, one of his teachers, pushes him to work on the memory of its origins and the crossing with contemporary art. He starts to think about using pictograms that bloom from everywhere in Western cities. He recalled that in Africa and his country Kenya is a language with scarification, tattoos, fabrics etc. He then started manufacturing a new language created from the icons that surround it. It is not in the soft colors of watercolor he found his inspiration. He will return on the paths of his childhood when to get out of school, he watched the flights of parrots, where nature was screaming his joy and splashed her light eyes.

Then he plays with the colors of his childhood and combines the symbols he chose for his creations. He places, moves the sheet to lose them and give them a new meaning: an African reading. He discovers that his new images can become the background of his paintings Concert painted it using Plexiglas. These images painted by a dithering superimposed pictograms overlap by transparency for doing a work which in a perfect symbiosis, the traditional art meets contemporary art.