ÀSÌKÒ- in Style Fusion at Gallery of African Art, Mayfair. Exhibition Vlog

View Asiko’s Art Success interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_WtsEsB9Pg


8 – 24 SEPTEMBER 2016

Style Fusion is an exhibition of works by the Nigerian photographer Ade ‘Àsìkò’ Okelarin and the up-and-coming Kenyan artist-designer Evans Mbugua.


Gallery of African Art
45 Albemarle Street,
London W1S 4JL.

Tel: +44(0)207 287 7400
Enquiries: info@gafraart.com

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 11am-5pm


About the artist:

I am a self-taught concept driven photographer who creates emotionally resonate images that are drawn from my experiences. I explore my ideas using portraiture, fabric and adornment, as I am interested in how cultures express themselves visually.

My work is layered in light, texture, mood and rooted in a narrative. Photography for me is about a conversation on how I see the world, how I interpret my African heritage and how I create a story.


About Adelaide Damoah:
My name is Adelaide Damoah and I am an artist. My studio is located at Thames Side Studios in London. I have historically made figurative oil paintings and am currently exploring using my own body as a tool to print oil paint on to the painting surface. I write through and around the images created in this way to tell stories and to express what streams through my consciousness at that moment in time. I have always been inspired by Frida Kahlo, but more recently, Basquiat and Ana Mendieta are my biggest influences.

The Art Success series of interviews started off in 2011 with written interviews for my blog. I started this project because coming from a science/business background, I had to rethink what success looked like to me and wanted to figure out what it took to become that in this unique business. In talking to other artists in this way on camera, I hope to pass on useful information to other artists and art lovers. Fellow artists can watch and learn from their contemporaries and art lovers can discover new artists and art. Of course, there is the added benefit of promoting my colleagues to new audiences.
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