MyFirstharrassment is a project consisting of a sound piece and a series of fragmented portraits by Clemence Vazard. I was invited to respond to the work with a performance and this is what I did this week at the launch. Clemence and Halime cut away at my white dress until my blood soaked body and underwear were revealed. I then lay down on the canvas to leave my imprint behind as a reminder of the suffering that is endured when we are sexually harassed/abused. I was blown away by the response as it is a very painful subject for many people. Thank you Clemence for trusting me to respond to your work. Thank you Halime and Clemence for helping and participating in the performance to make it what it was. Thank you Marine, MTArt Agency, Euston Town, Make Space and Georgie Street for all of your hard work and for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks so much to everyone who came to support.