Selected Press / Publications / Online features

2012: Lime Magazine Contributing art writer, Contemporary and Modern Art blog contributing art writer.
2012: Walking Passions. Online radio interview.
2012: Artist, Designers and Things Oh My. Online radio interview.
2012: In conversation with Shangwe. Blog.
2011: Belinda Otas Interview. Blog.
2011: New African Woman. Magazine interview.
2009: BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey radio interview.
2009: Essex Enquirer. Newspaper interview.
2009: 234 Next magazine interview.
2008: Colourful Radio. Movers and Shakers. Live interview.
2008: Trespass Magazine launch. Black Lipstick paintings featured.
2008: Pride Magazine. Interview.
2007:Screen Nation Magazine. Interview.
2007: Diamond Touch Magazine. Interview.
2007: Flava Magazine. Interview.
2006: BBC London news television interview.
2006: Channel 5 news television interview.
2006: OBE TV. Television interview.
2006: Bexley Times. Newspaper interview.