#MYFACE Performance. Visual Diet Exhibition. London

Adelaide Damoah performed her new concept #MYFACE as a part of the Visual Diet opening exhibition with MTArt Agency in collaboration with MC Saatchi London and photographer Rankin.

#MYFACE was performed at the Visual Diet event at MC Saatchi a fantastic concept pulled together by Marine Tanguy Mimigray_ and Rankin

I was invited to make a performance in response to the concept of Visual Diet. How healthy is your visual diet? Are you consuming content that makes you feel good or feel bad? In the age of social media, young people are increasingly at risk of developing anxiety and depression. In fact, a study by the Royal Society for Public Health in the UK reporter that Instagram and Snapchat are the most detrimental social networking apps for young people- age 14-24 with girls being disproportionately more affected than boys.

During my performance, I showed my real face to the audience. I started the performance wearing serious instagram makeup (not my usual style). Think contouring and fake eyelashes, extreme highlighting etc. I removed the makeup to reveal my real face…

I recently developed a skin condition called Melasma- sometimes called mask of pregnancy- as a consequence of hormonal issues due to my endometriosis. This means that I have quite extreme hyperpigmentation around the sides of my face with around my eyes being my normal skin colour. I look like a reverse panda with no foundation on! I’ve had good skin my whole life so it’s a bit strange for me and it means I feel like I have to wear foundation in public most of the time. Needless to say I felt very vulnerable showing this in the performance! In any case, the rest of the performance involved me covering my face in paint and then printing it on the canvas, followed by me writing what I was feeling in the moment of making the work. It was intense and emotional.

The Visual Diet exhibition will be on until the end of the month at M&C Saatchi London and includes amazing works by Clemence Vazard (a gorgeous light box and sound piece), Federico Clapis and Rankin.

Adelaide Damoah