Onome Otite Gives Art Career Advice. Art Discussion

About the Artist:

Onome Otite is a London-based, Textiles Artist currently taking part in the Cockpit Art’s | Prince’s Trust Creative Careers Programme. Unique to Onome’s practice is her use of mixed materials to produce three-dimensional artworks that are striking and distinctive in style. Borrowing elements from dance, fashion and world cultures her hand drawn figures are decorated with textiles and recycled materials that have been manipulated by hand.

Onome’s work reflects African societies and customs; and to a further extent examines how costume is adopted and adapted by the Diaspora. The traditional West African textiles she has encountered inspire her collages. Onome’s photography projects also explore this concept – her portraiture and lifestyle compositions experiments with tones, patterns and textures to create bold imagery.

In addition, Onome’s services include creating bespoke illustrative artwork for commercial use; and collaborating on larger installation projects.

For more information, please visit: http://www.onomeotite.com