Bright Ackwerh Gives Art Career Advice. Art Discussion

About the artist:

Bright Ackwerh is a 26-year-old, Ghanaian artist based in Accra. Bright is a multifaceted artist with a background of street art and graffiti but as of lately he has focused his creative talents to develop satirical pieces that speak to the state of the world today.

Bright holds two degrees, his Bachelors, and Masters, received from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi.

Bright Ackwerh created a lot of work that was centered around academic figurative painting due to the research and styles he had been introduced to. Bright would copy from the famous hand painted movie posters that aligned the streets of Accra in his youth, as well as excerpts from his comic book collection. He would take the aesthetic of those designs and recreate them with his own interpretation. When it comes to the conceptualization of his pieces, Bright would lean into his chauvinistic perspective that “we are enough”, saying Africa has all it needs. He wants to violently engage through witty exchange the old grand narrative.

For Bright, the goal of his work is to generate, expand, or contribute to the conversation about popular culture in Ghana and Africa. In his words Bright says, “In the past most of the conversations on the above-highlighted themes have been generated by people who are Others to this space and so I feel like this space has always been misrepresented or handed the proverbial short stick and it’s because we don’t have enough counter-narratives on that frequency about how we are winning and not always in the position of need.” With this understanding, Bright has made it a mission to be an active representation of his culture and it’s interpretation to those on the outside of it.

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